Sheets by Uses

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Sheets by Uses

  • 01

    Molding Sheets

    A combination of press forming and vacuum forming, the method constitutes of attaching silicon rubber to the top of the press to keep the sheet from coming into direct contact with heat with the result that the surfaces of the sheets are protected and create its engraving and relief designs. Molding is conducted after the temperature, pressure, and time is adjusted according to the thickness of the sheet and depth of the engraving or engraving relief. The molding sheets are primarily used for manufacturing doors of dressers or sinks.

    * We keep incrustation and contraction on the sheets from occurring and impact strength was enhanced in order to facilitate molding, and all the products of our company can be used for molding.
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    Wrapping Sheets

    These are used as materials for interior design. They are glued on and wrapped around the frames made out of MDF, glulam, or miscellaneous wood etc. These molded frames provide aesthetic advantages. The used is usually hot melt adhesive such as EVA, PO, PA or PU, which is sprayed at high temperatures, which calls for special care in preventing stretching. Primarily the product is used for frames and molding.

    * Incrustation, contraction etc., was prevented and stretching was minimized to facilitate wrapping, and all the products of our company can be used for wrapping.
  • 03

    Overlay Sheets

    With EVA adhesive, the sheets are glued to boards mad out of MDF or Chipboards. Because the boards are overlaid wholly with the sheets, the levelness of the boards are very execellent. These boards are primarily used for exterior of desks or dressers. * For we keep the sheets from contraction and improve the levelness of the sheets, it is easy to process the overlaying job. All products in our company can be used for overlaying.