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FineVinyl is the history of Korean PVC deco sheet manufacturing.

Since 1974 as the first manufacturer of PVC deco sheet in Korea, FineVinyl has continued to develop various high-end products, such as Fire retardant, environment friendly, and functional sheets through continuous research and development of base technology and application technology for nearly half a century. And now we became the leading brand in PVC deco sheet industries. Currently, we are supplying our sheets to USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and other countries.

- Functional Sheet : Printing Sheet for Advertisement Purpose, Fire-Retardant Sheet, Sheet for Ceiling Application, High-Weather-ability Sheet, Environmentally Friendly Sheet, High Glossy Sheet.
- Sheet in Usages : for Membrane press, Wrapping use, Overlay use.

FINE PP has all the environmentally friendly advantages and surpass the limitation of PVC deco sheet.

Fine PP is polypropylene sheet which is environmentally friendly item. Due to the limitations of general PVC products in the strengthened regulation of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and formaldehyde that are generated in furniture, kitchens, flooring and wallpaper, FINE PP, being environmentally friendly sheet, has its great advantages. It also has another advantage in managing its inventory because it is supplied and used generally in one thickness. In addition, FINE PP products with crystalline suppresses formaldehyde released from adhesives used in MDF or Particle Board during overlay or lapping process.

1. Free of Dioxin
2. Passing the regulation of VOC
3. Retaining the emission of Formaldehyde

Eco-Maize is made from biodegradable raw material and 100% decomposition in natural environment; thus, this is free from pollution problem.

General PVC, Olefin, and PET are produced non-degradable synthetic resins that are subject to a waste charge, but Eco-Maze is made with a biodegradable materials that is not subject to waste duties and is great in abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, dimensional stability, form retention. In addition, no whitening occurs.

Certified for Environmentally Friendly Product
1. Eco-Labeling (Korea Environmental Industry & Technology)
2. Certified for Environmentally Friendly Building Materials (Korea Air Cleaning Association)
3. Certified from Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation

Fine Glossy has glamorous and luxurious designs which you can not feel from high glossy sheet.

Because of its transparency of top film, all designs and colors of Fine Glossy are clear and vivid. Unlike normal PVC high glossy sheet, Fine Glossy, being made of environmentally friendly materials, is safe from hazardous situations caused by harmful substances. Unlike normal PVC high glossy sheet, the surface texture and scratch resistance have been improved in Fine Glossy sheet.

You can feel the difference in its natural styles with unique finishes.

INSoL is superb product that acquired Eco-Friendly Mark. This has less toxic gas emission such as volatile organic compounds and is fire retardant. In addition, this has excellent texture expressions.

Certified for Environmentally-Friendly Material and Fire Retardant
1. Certified for Environmentally Friendly Building Materials (Korea Air Cleaning Association)
2. Certified for Fire Retardant (Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation)
3. Certified from Lloyd’s, Korea Environmental Industry & Technology, Korean Register.

Fine P+ is decorative sheet for interior designs.

This has the great advantages in rich texture of leather. Unlike PVC sheet from Calender production, Fine P+ can express various and rich emboss textures. Being made with Polyurethane material, this is not easily aged and performs well on various tests, such as tensile and elongation tests. In addition, this is excellent in adhesion-process to plywood, MDF, steel plate and in molding process in high temperature. This also has great resistance to stains from living pollution. Its maintenance for gloss and color is easy simply by cleaning with soap and water.

1. Finishing Materials for buildings and furnitures
2. Door Frames and Finishing Materials for kitchen and office
3. Walls of building and office

지금까지의 High Gloss 시트에서는 느낄 수 없었던
특별한 고급스러움을 FINE GLOSSY로 맘껏 누려 보세요

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