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Fine PP

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All the benefits of PP (Polypropylene) for Green Environment has been brought out.
Fine PP is polypropylene sheet which is environmentally friendly item. Due to the limitations of general PVC products in the strengthened regulation of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and formaldehyde that are generated in furniture, kitchens, flooring and wallpaper, FINE PP, being environmentally friendly sheet, has its great advantages. It also has another advantage in managing its inventory because it is supplied and used generally in one thickness. In addition, FINE PP products with crystalline suppresses formaldehyde released from adhesives used in MDF or Particle Board during overlay or lapping process.
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    Free of Dioxin

    The more amount of chlorine, the more dioxin is generated. And generally all the PVC materials basically contains a large amount of chlorine. Fine PP, being produced with Polypropylene material, however fundamentally prevents dioxin from generating.
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    Passing the regulation of VOC (Votaile Organic Comounds)

    VOC refers to all the toxic chemicals that are air pollutant and carcinogenic. VOC reacts with nitrogen in the atmosphere by photochemical reacation, and the reaction causes global warming, stratosphere, Ozon destruction. Fine PP has passed VOC emission regulation and has result of lesser than 0.020mg/m2 (Korea Tesing and Research Institute)
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    Fine PP has no harmful effects by preventing emission of formaldehyde gas. Fine PP has excellent abrasion-resistance and heat-resistance. And this is made from environmentally friendly materials and is free from formaldehyde and cadmium from plasticizer. Because of its special printing process, it captures the real nature-like appearance.
01Specifications for Fine PP
Article Properties
Materials and Conditions Sheet is produced by Calendar and T-Die method using Polypropylene resin which is crystalline.
Maleficence of Combustion Gas Sheet does not release any harmful gases and is non-toxic.
Dimensional Stability Being made from crystalline resin, PP is free from shrinkage problem. Since PP has a softening temperature at the point of 168 C, it has great thermal stability, and its usage can be extended to various applications which require dimensional stability.
Concealment At the same thickness, sheet has great concealment-power which is good forcovering different colors of surfaces of MDF, and P/B.
Rigidness Varnish Hardened Type' with good rigidness (hard surface).
Durability and Scratch Resistance Because it is treated with cross-briged varnish, after the varnish is completely hardened, it will have excellent wear-resistance and scratch-resistance.
Containment of GAS Sheet is excellent in blocking the emission of carcinogenic formaldehyde gas.
Plasticizer It is free from harmful plasticizers.
02The scope of products
Use Application
Molding/Membrane Photo Preserving Film
Wrapping  Advertising Film
Overlay Ceiling Film
Flame Retardant Film
High Gloss Film
Environmentally Friendly Film
Exterior Film