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"INSOL sketches nature as she is"
01INSOL Specification
01 INSOL is environmentally friendly
finishing interior materials.
Labeled with Eco Mark, INSOL does not contian any elements and emit considerably a small amount of noxious fumes when reacted with Volatile Organic Compounds.
kinds emission intensity standard
TVOC;Total volatile organic compound(mg/m2*h) trace 0.02 or less
HCHO;Formaldehyde(mg/m2*h) trace 0.005 or less

<Korean Air Cleaning Association>

02 INSOL is superb on
visuality of its designs.
As the first manufacturer and supplier of this sort, we supply our customer with various designs as well as customized designs. Such as marble design, natural wood design, and many other natural designs, INSOL sketches as she is.
03 INSOL is unique and
INSOL brings about new trend by its luxurious emboss and eco-friendly designs.
04 INSOL is excellent
fire-resistant material.
(Korea Institute of Fire Industry & Technology)
05 INSOL is well-made product
with high technical skills.
Being the first manufacturer and supplier of deco film in South Korean Market, we have acquired many well-skilled technicians and applied many superior know-hows in our manafacturing systems. This strong points mainly have led us to export our products to over 30 different countries. We also have supplied the products to Hyundai Interior Film, Young-Lim, Barrisol, etc. with OEM method.
06 INSOL has
various certificates.
  • - Environmental Technology Research Institute
  • Fire-Resistance
  • Environment Management System
  • Vessei Class
  • Lloyd's
  • Pass the Test of Delivery executed by korea Landing & Holding Corporation
02The scope of products
Use Application
Molding/Membrane Photo Preserving Film
Wrapping  Advertising Film
Overlay Ceiling Film
Flame Retardant Film
High Gloss Film
Environmentally Friendly Film
Exterior Film