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01FINE P+ PLUS Specification
01 Fine P+
Regular cleaning with soap and water assures the interior lining of a very long service life. No hygienically or environmentally harmful chemicals are normally needed for cleaning.
02 Applications
  • All kind of furniture surface-finising
  • Door Frame, Kitchen and Wardrobe door, Wrapping door, Desk top of office furniture
  • Building & office wall pannel
03 Special
High level of fire resistance and weatherability : Walls, ceilings and doors of vessels.
04 Structural
05 Supplying
PVC Steel Décor Sheet is available in a wide range of surface finishes with different colors.
structures and patterns.
Properties Test Method Standard Spec Unit
Thickness allowance 0.20mm-0.40mm JIS K6734 % ±3
Width & length allowance JIS K6734 ±3 mm
Density JIS K6734 1.15~1.40 g/㎠
Shrinkage (100℃, 5minute) KS M3001 <±3.0 %
Tensle strength KS M3001 >1.0 Kg/㎟
Tear strength KS M3001 >1.0 Kg/㎟
Elongation KS M3001 >100 %
Melt range 150~215
Emboss extinction Good 140℃, 1min
  • * We can change the standard specification when buyer want.
02The scope of products
Use Application
Molding/Membrane Photo Preserving Film
Wrapping  Advertising Film
Overlay Ceiling Film
Flame Retardant Film
High Gloss Film
Environmentally Friendly Film
Exterior Film