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상품 상세설명

01High visual quality
With the base of excellence in technology, FINE INDUSTRY's FINE GLOSSY will provide you with high quality in high sheets.
02Green friendly FINE GLOSSY
Different from previous PVC, it provides transparancy and security from hazardous materials by using environmental friendly material The feel of the material high gloss wrap effect!! A colorful emobossed three dimentional visualing sensation!!
03Applied items and standards
items Thickness(mm) Width(mm) lenth(M/R) use
general 0.25 1260~ 200~ over-lay, wrapping
General formation use 0.3~1.0 1300~ 100~ membrance
FINE GLOSSY 0.3~1.0 1300~ 100~ high glossy
04Physical data
Testing Testing Method Result
Abrasion resistance JSA special plywood friction testing standard friction over 100 / under 0.1
Emboss fastness Placed in 100℃±5℃ glycerin solution for 30 seconds and MEK solvent for 30 seconds No Emboss
Whitening by folding Bend 180 degrees agfter placed in 25℃±2℃ water for 2 hours No whitening
Chemical resistance Placed in 1% HCL, 2% NaOH water solution, oil benzene for 2 hours No change
Heat resistance Placed in 80℃±5℃ OVEN for 48 hours No change
FINE GLOSSY departs from the provious PVC high gloss sheets, which show a weakness in feel of the surface material and scratch-resistanct, by using a new lamination and coating processing method. Going through emboss processing with this new lamination process, it provides a three dimensional effect even for transparent films. Enjoy the high quality of high gloss that only has been provided by FINE GLOSSY, It is by no means inferior for the use in finish material for household furniture and home appliances. You will satisfy 200% with the excellent formability and constructability of this product.
05The scope of products
Use Application
Molding/Membrane Photo Preserving Film
Wrapping  Advertising Film
Overlay Ceiling Film
Flame Retardant Film
High Gloss Film
Environmentally Friendly Film
Exterior Film