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01Excellency of Eco-Maize
01 Waste
PVC, olefin series, PET, etc. are non-degradable resins imposed with waste charge. But ECO-MAIZE is a biodegradable resin that is not subject to such waste charge.
02 Environmental
Eco-friendly bio degradable ECO-MAIZE generates extremely tiny amount of toxic gas and smoke density during combustion by 1/10~1/15 of Pvc, 1/10 of PET and 1/5 of olefin series as well as VOCS.
03 Sensitive Material
Familiar with the Human
PH of ECO-MAIZE is 6.0, approximate to PH 5.5 of human. So it gives us touch and comfortable feeling.
04 Wear Pesistance and
Scratch Resistance
As main material of ECO-MAIZE is PLA(Poly Lactic Acid) that is a crystal structure sued for shape memory substance upon thermal property and presents more than 2 times of physical properties upon forming conditions after processing than this of soft resins such as PVC or PP.
05 Dimensional Stability and
Shape Preservatuin after
Pressured Air Molding
ECO-MAIZE has excellent dimensional stability with less than 4/1000 of compression ratio comparing to 20/1000 of PVC and 15/1000 of olefin series. In addition, PVC and olefin series sheets have deficient shape preservation property after heated pressured air molding due to covering property (compression phenomenon), while ECO-MAIZE has no shape deformation with stable compression ratio and shape memory upon thermal property called crystallization.
06 Adhesion and Printing
ECO-MAIZE has excellent adhesion without primer coat and remarkable printing absorption property comparing to PVC, PP, PET, ABS or other materials, and has no trouble on works.
07 NO
Existing PVC, PP or PER sheet is laminated with 2~3 sheets, so they are troublesome make a deformation problem on the products. ECO-MAIZE allows single layer structure with excellent printing adhesion properties that it does not make such a problem.
08 Efflorescence
ECO-MAIZE generates no efflorescence that the existing products have.
09 Biodegradability
Synthetic resins are degraded after around 100 years. While ECO-MAIZE is the perfect eco-friendly product the can be completely degraded underground after 2~3 years from general disposal. Since degration of ECO-MAIZE under biodegradable conditions with 60℃ in temperature, 80% in humicity and activated vacteria conditions continued for more than can be started rather than normal temperature. It is similar to wood, i.e. cellulose, under normal temperature.
02The scope of products
Use Application
Molding/Membrane Photo Preserving Film
Wrapping  Advertising Film
Overlay Ceiling Film
Flame Retardant Film
High Gloss Film
Environmentally Friendly Film
Exterior Film