Sheets by Functions

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Sheets by Functions

  • Advertising Sheets

    Excellent visual effect
    and weatherability

    • * For lighted advertisements : The sheets are primarily used for exterior illuminant advertisement. The sheets protect the advertisement, such as exterior signboard, from UV rays and is visually attractive as it brings out the splendid colors of the light.
    • * For non-lighted advertisements : Sheets used for non-illuminated outdoor advertisements and advertisement displays. These high gloss sheets are luxurious, strong against ultraviolet rays, visually attractive in various colors.
  • Flame Retardant Sheets

    Settles concern about fire

    These sheets made from environmentally friendly flame retardant materials are treated to be flame retardant for the amount of harmful gases released are dramatically reduced, which is why it received flame retardant form certification from the Korea Fire Industry Technology Institute. The flame retardant properties of each LOT are tested before release. The product relieves concerns of fire and enhances the elegance of your interior with its antique texture and mature patterns.
  • Ceiling Sheets

    Original interior with
    differentiated exclusivity

    These sheets are high gloss products for ceiling application. These are the distinguished product which will make your place look more luxurious. The semi-transparent color collects light, providing a dimming lights which bring out cozy feelings to the atmosphere, and the non-transparent high gloss sheet in primary colors may be applied to structures to give the ceilings of any buildings and enhance the artistical points of the ceilings. Also, the product has acquired a certification of fire retardant properties from the Korea Fire Industry Technology Institute, giving you the additional advantage of fire safety.
  • Atmosphere Corrosion Resisting Sheets

    Maintain initial color for several years

    PVC sheets in general are weak against ultraviolet lights, and thus its color can fade after prolonged exposure. These atmosphere corrosion resisting sheets overcome such difficulties and retain their original color even in prolonged outdoor usage. Publicly certified institutions have confirmed a performance of up to 3,000 HR, and quality control is conducted under natural conditions using our atmosphere corrosion resistance surveying QUV/se(WEATHER-O-METER).
  • Environmentally Friendly Sheets

    Creats affordable space
    to rest up from cleanness

    These products are included in the grade of highest excellence for environmentally friendly building materials as almost no formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds are released. They are environmentally friendly surface materials that have acquired the Eco Label as they use environmentally friendly ink, de-DOP processed, and contain no ROHS regulated harmful heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, chrome, OR polybrominated biphenyls (PBB & PBDE).
  • High Gloss Sheets

    Organizes substantial space with
    high functionality and refinement

    With the same gloss and anti-scratch effects of high gloss coated products, these sheets are surface materials capable of replacing high end coated products. High gloss grades, such as single color, wood, grain, metal offer a wide range of printed effects and colors. The product possesses superior forming capabilities and wrapping properties compared to coated products.
  • Photo Preserving Sheets

    Make photos more elegant and clear

    The sheets are attached to photos or printed materials. It protects photos or printed materials from surface scratching, discoloration, pollution and etc, thus lasts long time. We possess various kinds of embossing rolls. Each embossing roll provides unique definition to the photos or printed materials. This variety of embossment will set off them to advantage.