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We were established in 1974. With years of experiences and know-hows, we have been growing into a creative and progressive company.
All our executives, staff members and engineers are aiming to give our best services to our customers.
We firmly believe that, with sincerity and creativeness, we can deliver our customers the most satisfying experiences and relataionships.

Company Ideology

Fine Industries Co.,Ltd. And Fine Platech Co.,Ltd. Intend to eco-company to meet requirements and expectation of the customers and accmplish social responsibilities.

Management Ideology

  • 01

    Customer Satisfaction

    To realize customer satisfaction with the best quality products based on customer oriented thinking and action
  • 02

    Human Respect

    To realize human oriented society based on mutual trust and reputation where every member is happy and has fruitless
  • 03

    Challenge to the Future

    To be a progressive and aggressive corporation to be prepared for and challenge allways toward more bright future.

Holding Equipment

Catagories Calendering Lines Embossing Lines Gravure Printing Lines
Production lines Capability per Year Production lines Capability per Year Production lines Capability per Year
Fine Industries Co., Ltd. 2 88,000,000 lm 3 8,400,000 lm
Fine Platech Co., Ltd. 1 30,000,000 lm 4 13,000,000 lm 3 18,000,000 lm
Capability (Production) 3 118,000,000 lm 7 21,400,000 lm 3 18,000,000 lm
  • Calendering Lines

  • Embossing Lines

  • Printing Lines

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